Portrait of Kimberly Baker, Clinical Dental Assistant / Neuromuscular Assistant

Kimberly Baker • Clinical Dental Assistant / Neuromuscular Assistant

Team Role

  • Chairside assisting:
    • Crown and Bridge restorations
    • Endodontic therapy (saving root damaged teeth)
    • Direct and Indirect Resins (such as bonding or veneers)
    • Partials and Dentures
  • Gathers neuromuscular data using:
    • Transcutaneous Electrode Stimulation (relaxes facial/jaw muscles to find optimum bite position)
    • K-7 Scans (records optimal occlusal position--how teeth should come together)
    • EMG (detects problem and/or pain regions in muscles around jaw)

Success Preparation

  • Comprehensive Neuromuscular Training of the K-7 @ LVI (Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies)
  • Advanced Adhesive Dentistry @ LVI
  • Radiology and Coronal Polishing courses
  • Joint Anatomy
  • CPR Certified

Exceptional Care, Personalized…

"I provide comfort to all patients and give them the care they need and expect. I try to help my patients feel like they are with friends and offer excellent dental care. I use our intra-oral cameras as well as DVD presentations to supply patients with a better understanding of the health of their mouth.

Our extensive clinical training allows us to interface with master technicians for excellent dental treatment."

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